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All funding must be secured before arrangements can be made.

Plan ahead, travel arrangements are more time consuming, allow at least five weeks to make arrangements

First step is to meet OSI Business Services.

* Allow at least five weeks to make arrangements *

 Submit travel expense request in CatLife, also fill out this form  flight_request_form2020.pdf  for each person flying.

 * All travelers will sign documentation that cancellations are to be reimbursed by the traveler

 NOTE: Flights purchased with personal funds can be submitted for reimbursement; however, we CAN NOT reimburse for travel package deals.  All segments (hotel, vehicle, rental car) must have tax breakdown to be reimbursed.


Student must be pre-approved to rent vehicles through campus.  To be approved fill out the DMV pull notice, provided below, and bring to OSI Business Services to be submitted.  When you get the notice from Risk Services that you are approved to rent vehicles.  Submit a Expenditure request in Catlife and attached the vehicle_request_form1.pdf. Vehicles available and prices can be seen at TAPS website. TAPS Vehicle Rentals

You will be required to bring to OSI:

1. A valid Driver License with photo as identification and confirmation that you have legal driving privileges.

To use one of UC Merced's fleet vehicles, all drivers must:

  • Be affiliated with UC Merced
  • Possess a valid CA driver’s license
  • Have successfully passed a DMV Pull
  • Be present to sign out the vehicle and receive the keys

Rental car vendors in town (Enterprise) can also be utilized using a purchase order for group travel. Fill out this form enterprise_vehicle_rental_form.pdf and attached to the CatLife purchase request. 

* Save gas receipts to submit for reimbursement.


POV (Privately Owned Vehicle)

Traveler will be reimbursed for mileage, not gas. The current rate is $.56 /mile. Please print out mileage calculator backup, such as Google maps, to verifying miles driven.


Sometimes a purchase order can be utilized for a hotel. If a purchase order cannot be used, hotel accommodations as well as meals are out-of-pocket expenses and must be reimbursed after travel.  Submit a travel reimbursement request through CatLife and attach all justification for the trip. For example, if you traveled to a conference we must have an agenda from the conference. You must then bring in the hotel bill with $0.00 balance showing you paid the hotel.



Make a reservation with the hotel of your choice and hold it with your personal credit card.

Ask for an electronic copy of the reservations.

Ask the hotel for a credit card authorization form for UC to pay for room and taxes ONLY. (The personal credit card will stay on file for incidentals).

Provide list of students with room assignments using this form group_lodging_form_12.21.20201.pdf

Attach all three items to Catlife purchase request.

Before leaving the hotel, ask the front desk for a copy of the folio. (bill)


Meals are only reimbursed if travel includes an overnight stay. Submit original itemized receipts. Alcohol is not considered a part of meal and cannot be reimbursed.

* UC Policy states you cannot be reimbursed for others' travel expenses, with exceptions made for group travel of three or more then only the leader can be reimbursed.